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Fly India's Youngest Fleet

Our Falcon 2000 aircraft is the best executive jet in its class. Our fleet of 2 Falcon 2000 aircraft is just over 7 years old, making it the youngest fleet in India.

To get a bird's eye view of the aircraft, click at the links below.

Side view
Top view
Front view
Internal view
Cockpit view
Flight control system

Comparison of Falcon 2000 with some of the aircrafts in the India and the Middle East

Falcon 2000 Aircraft Dimensions

Airframe in
in meters
Overall length 66' 4" 20.21m
Overall height 23' 2" 7.06m
Span 63' 5" 19.33m
Sweep at quaterchord 29" / 24" 50' 29" / 24" 50'
Gross wing area 527.4 sq.ft. 49m
Aspect ratio 7.66 7.66
mean aero dynamic chord 113.7 " 2.89m
Cross section (external) 98.4" 2.50m
Cabin in
in meters
Cabin height 6' 2" 1.88m
Cabin Width (maximum) 7' 8" 2.34m
Cabin width (floor) 6' 3" 1.91m
Cabin length (cockpit separator to baggage door) 26' 2" 29m
Cockpit volume 132.4 cu.ft. 3.75m
Baggage volume (internal/external access) 134.00 cu.ft. 3.8m
Entry door size 31.5" x 67.7" 0.8 m x 1.72m
Emergency exit size (Type III) 21" x 36" 0.53 m x 0.92m
Cabin Window size 15.1" x 11.8" 0.38m x 0.30m
Baggage door siz 30.5" x 29.5" 0.775 m x 0.75m
Landing Gear in
in meters
Wheelbase 24' 3.1" 7.39 m
Track 14' 7.2" 4.45m
Minimum turning radius (with nose wheel steering at 60 degree) 49' 3.8" 15.03 m