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TajAir offers you a flexible travel itinerary, customized schedules, express departures and direct access to destinations that are not connected on conventional routes.

In fact, you can fly with a minimum of 4 hours notice to eleven destinations in India where airports operate round the clock.

In India, we cover 114 destinations while commercial airlines fly only 71 destinations. To look up the destinations covered by -TajAir in India, click here.

You can arrive at the airport just 30 minutes before departure for flights within India and 60 minutes before departure for international flights.

In Mumbai, TajAir manages the passenger and baggage screening area from an exclusive entrance for all non-scheduled and private operators. So you can arrive just 15 minutes before departure for flights within India. Before boarding your aircraft, you can relax at our exclusive airport lounge.

We personally supervise your security, customs and immigration clearances, wherever and whenever required. Your bags are stowed in the aircraft and retrieved by us, so you do not waste time at the baggage carrousel.

We liaise directly with multiple agencies to ensure that you can fly at the earliest. For instance, if your destination is located close to a defense airfield in India, TajAir facilitates approval for non-Indian passengers within 7 working days as against 30 days for a foreign registered aircraft with a foreign crew.

We offer you enhanced security and privacy, a pre-requisite in this day and age where one deal can make the difference between success and failure.

We go the extra mile, so you can have a pleasant journey.