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TajAir offers fulfilling careers for aviation professionals.

We offer deserving candidates ample scope for advancement, world-class training and a compensation package commensurate with experience.

For opportunities at TajAir, please email your resume to careers.tajair@tajhotels.com

Taj Air carrying out non-scheduled air services with latest state of the art technology Pressurized Aircraft with Jet Engines seeks Technical Personnel for Maintenance and Quality Departments.


  • In Airframe/Engine/Avionics stream with 2-3 years maintenance experience on pressurized aircraft and turbine engines.

Technical/Quality Officers:

  • Preferably Basic License holders in Airframe/Engine/Avionics category with 2-3 years experience in maintenance organization/Technical Cell/Quality Control Department on defect investigation, documentation, DGCA requirements, audit procedures, Fleet Performance Monitoring, compiling of statistical data, maintenance program, forecast etc and other technical/quality related work
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:

  • Engineers Licensed in Airframe/Engine/Avionics category covering pressurized aircraft and turbine engines with 2-3 years Experience in maintenance & quality control functions.
Suitable candidates may be considered for DGCA approved Type-Training course abroad.

All the above posts will carry emoluments commensurate with qualification and experience.