Taj Pharmaceuticals is a soft gelatin contract manufacturer, which specialises in nutraceutical food supplement production, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and soft gelatin capsules using softgels encapsulator.

Taj Pharmaceuticals  specializes in GMP certified production and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules and other forms for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Commercially we also offer almost 200 branded products in form of capsules, tablets, syrups, liquids, ointments, gels, creams, powders, etc. We welcome all customers from the industry including importers, distributors, agents and contract manufacturing / contract research clients.


Taj Pharmaceuticals offers a widespread range of brand products in almost any form. The portfolio is dominated by synthetic generic drugs, herbal OTC preparations and food supplements. We welcome importers, distributors and agents who could help us introduce our products in their national markets.

Top 5 therapeutic groups covered by our preparations are as follows:

Vitamins and minerals
Non-steroidal analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs
Drugs used in throat and respiratory system diseases
Antiacne, antimycotic, and antiviral drugs
Drugs used to protect blood vessels walls



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Taj Pharmaceuticals provides an attractive licensing-out opportunities for its products. In 2006 many of the dossiers shall be upgraded into CTD format and submitted to the national Ministry of Health for the purpose of harmonization with the current EU requirements. Taj Pharmaceuticals shall also conduct a number of new submissions within EU member states employing Mutual Recognition Procedure.


Taj Pharmaceuticals renders comprehensive services to customers, including the following:

  • formulation development
  • search for and purchase of raw materials
  • comprehensive chemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials and finished preparations
  • development of registration documentation
  • trial batches (for registration, clinical tests, stability tests, etc.)
  • production according to the agreed specification
  • bulk packing
  • packing into blisters, boxes, jars, bottles, tubes, cartons

The company’s service related activity focuses on contract manufacture made on orders of local and foreign customers. Taj Pharmaceuticals specializes in production of soft gelatine capsules. We also offer made to order production of other forms such as:
fluids (suspensions, solutions),
extracts and tinctures,
Production was organized in cooperation with the best equipment suppliers from Germany and Italy. Automated and computer-operated manufacturing process meets the requirements of the GMP quality assurance system. The standards applied by Taj Pharmaceuticals place the company among the leaders in the business.

Analytical Services

Taj Pharmaceuticals SA offers services within the range of physical-chemical and microbiological analyses. High quality of our standards is guaranteed by:

  • GLP certification
  • high efficiency control-measurement equipment (qualified, legalized and attested)
  • quality assurance policy based on approved specifications, quality standards and requirements of the European Pharmacopeia
  • validation of the analytical methods
  • highly qualified and experienced personnel

New formulation development

Taj Pharmaceuticals is a Contract Research Organization that provide services related to Module 3 of the CTD standard:

  • formulation development
  • analytical method development and validation
  • trail batches and scale-up process
  • stability programme
  • large scale production and validation
  • dossier compilation


Taj Pharmaceuticals was the first company to develop liquid formulation of Loratadine encapsulated in a soft gelatin capsule. Currently we are working on number of generic formulations for our branded products as well as for our clients. On request we are able to supply references from our clients.

Quality and Technology
Taj Pharmaceuticals is able to ensure the highest manufacturing standards of its products. The plant has been audited many times by domestic and foreign inspectors checking the conditions of pharmaceutical production, and by foreign customers commissioning production in Taj Pharmaceuticals. The GMP quality certificate, issued by the Polish Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector is confirmed by the audit from the German Ministry for Women, Labour and Social Issues from the Saara region. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments inspect all processes taking place within the company for their compliance with the quality requirements binding in Poland and the European Union. GLP certification confirms high quality of the analytical tests carried out in the R&D and Quality Control laboratories. The automated and computerized production process has been prepared with cooperation with leading equipment suppliers from Germany and Italy. GMP quality assurance procedures guarantee a peak performance of all products.

The key advantage of Taj Pharmaceuticals company is primarily the efficiently managed, highly qualified and otivated staff, experienced in implementation of new projects from the basics. So far the company has launched 270 own products on the Polish market and obtained more than 40 foreign registrations. These figures prove competence and experience of the Research and Development Department and the Technology Departments which prepare new formulations and implement new processes, as well as of the egulatory Affairs Department preparing registration documentation and conducting the registration process for the new medications.


Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

We invite you to browse through our catalogue of contract products. The catalogue represents only a sample of our contract manufacturing offer. Product Development service enables our clients to create completely new products of various forms made of a variety of active ingredients.

Beta-Carotene + Vitamin E
Beta-carotene 7 mg DL-α -Tocopherol acetate 25 mg; Softgels, orange, 2 oval,

Prophylactic appliance in stress exposure and in supplementation of poor green and yellow fruits and vegetable diet especially in winter and in environment polluted area. Skin, hair and nail health state and good looking improvement.


CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
CLA 80% 1000mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 22 oblong,

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural polyunsaturated fatty acid found in many wholesome foods. The human body cannot produce CLA. It is a powerful body fat burner. It also improves insulin sensitivity, inhibits the growth of prostate cancer, helps prevent the initiation, promotion and metastasis of breast cancer. CLA has an immune-enhancing effects as well as Anti-Atherogenic effects. Furthermore it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, helps keep arteries clean.


Cod Liver Oil
Cod liver oil 500mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 10 oval,

Cod liver oil contains Vitamin A and D, EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, which are converted in the body to produce prostaglandin that affect a wide variety of physiological processes due to their modulating effect on the action of hormones. The drug improves blood flow, reduces blood pressure, reduce risk of Coronary Heart Disease by reducing the likelihood of blood clotting, makes the heart less prone to arrhythmias. It alters the balance of blood fats in a favourable way and reduces the viscosity of blood, thereby facilitating blood flow. It affects bones and teeth, vision, skin and mucous membranes. It also helps in rheumatoid arthritis.


Coenzyme Q10 10mg
Coenzyme Q10 10 mg; Softgels, black, 3 oval,

Owing to its anti oxidant properties coenzyme Q10 traps free radicals. Applied in heart diseases and overweight problems. Its action regulates arterial blood pressure and metabolism, prevents atheromatic circulatory system diseases, improves action of immune system.


Coenzyme Q10 30mg
Coenzyme Q10 30 mg; Softgels, black, 5 oval,

Owing to its anti oxidant properties coenzyme Q10 traps free radicals. Applied in heart diseases and overweight problems. Its action regulates arterial blood pressure and metabolism, prevents atheromatic circulatory system diseases, improves action of immune system.


Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil 500 mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 10 oval,

Applied in skin disorders and rash, has beneficent impact on heart and blood vessels, keeping stabilised cholesterol level. Improves overall condition before and during menstruation and also contributes to maintenance of proper functioning of joints.


Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin E
Evening primrose oil 500 mg Vitamin +E 70 i.u; Softgels, natural, transparent, 14 oblong,

In this combination natural form of vitamin E additionally protects the linoleic and gamma linoleic acids against oxidation damage.


Fish Oil
Fish oil 1000 mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 20 oblong,

Owing to the content of unsaturated fatty acids, regulates many significant functions in cells, reduces cholesterol level and triglycerides in arteries, prevents form heart attack and arteriosclerosis.


Garlic Oil
Garlic oil 2 mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 4 oval,

Preparation, having positive influence on alimentary tract, stimulates digestive glands increasing secretion of digestive juices. Widens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, regulates heart rate. Additionally acts as antiseptic agent, builds up resistance against infections and deactivates carcinogenic substances, preventing from tumours.


Gingko Biloba Extract
Gingko Biloba 24% / 8% Extract 40mg; Softgels, green, 7,5 oval,

Gingko biloba has beneficial effects on the circulatory system. It helps in treatment of short-term memory loss, headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and depression by improving blood flow in the arteries and capillaries. Gingko Biloba relieve congestive symptoms of PMS, provides relief for asthma, allergy symptoms and chronic hepatitis. It is a powerful antioxidant and contributes to the oxidation of free radicals which are believed to contribute to premature aging and dementia. It protects the eyes, cardiovascular system and central nervous system.


Ginkgo + Crataegus + Passion Flower Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Dry Extract 40 mg Crataegus Dry Extract 80 mg Passion Flower Dry Extract 20 mg; Softgels, red, 5 oval,

Acts as tonic and sedative agent, favourises cerebral circulation improving cells oxygenation and nutrition. Applied as adjuvant in ischemic cerebral disorders, depressed memorization and concentration, vertigo, ear buzzing, irritability, anxiety. Administration especially indicated in elderly patients with atheromatic disorders.


Horse Chestnut Extract + Troxerutin
Horse Chestnut Dry Extract 100 g Troxerutin 200 mg; Softgels, light brown, 14 oblong,

Favourises veinal circulation, preventing venostasis. Acts as anti exudative and anti oedematic agent. Applied in the treatment of veinal and lymphatic circulation disorders, in post-thrombotic syndrom, veinal thrombosis, varicose veins of low extremities and of hemorrhoids. Administered as adjuvant in the treatment of chronic veinal insulfficiency accompanied by exudations and oedemas.


Lecithin 1200mg
Lecithin 1200 mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 22 oblong,

Applied as adjuvant in depressed concentration and memorization, irritability, physical and nervous exhaustion, in convalescence and lipid metabolism disorders.


Lecithin 300mg
Lecithin 300 mg; Softgels, natural, 5 oval,

Applied as adjuvant in depressed concentration and memorization, irritability, physical and nervous exhaustion, in convalescence and lipid metabolism disorders.


Loratadinum 10mg; Softgels, blue, 5 oval,

Drug alleviates allergic symptoms of upper airways and skin. It is also administered in allergic rhinitis (seasonal and continuous), nasal mucosa oedema, rhinorrhoea, sneezing, itching and burning sensation of eyes, prolonged idiopatic nettle rash. It becomes effective after approximately 30 minutes of administration and is active for about 24 hours.


Magnesium + Vit. E + Vit. B6
DL-α-Tocopherol acetate 400 mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 10 mg Magnesium Oxid 150,8mg; Softgels, orange, 10 oval,

Applied in magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B6 deficiency prophylactics, administered in neurosis, increased stress susceptibility and chronic tiredness. Used as adjuvant in atheromatosis and hypertension therapy.


Pumpkin Seed Oil
Pumpkin seed oil 500mg; Softgels, orange, 10 oval,

Pumpkin seed oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. The oil contains anti-inflammatory properties effective in treating irritated bladder conditions and urination problems associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia stages 1 and 2. Pumpkin seed oil will relieve the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostrate. Pumpkin seed is a source of B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, protein and zinc.


Senna Leaf + Buckthorn Bark Extract
Senna Leaf Extract 25mg Buckthorn Bark Extract 67mg; Softgels, deep-red, 3 oval,

Drug showing purgative action and having influence on motorial activity of colon. It is applied in constipation. It does not cause irritations of other parts of alimentary canal and becomes effective after 8-12 hours.


Serenoa Repens Extract
Serenoa Repens Extract 160 mg; Softgels, green, 3 oval,

Owing to its anti androgenic and anti oedematic action this preparation is applied in the treatment of unitary disorders accompanying the benign prostatic hyperplasia, relieving such symptoms as pollakiuria, nycturia, depressed urine flowmetry, urostasis and pains caused by hyperplastic gland pression.


St. John's Wort Extract
St. John's Wort Extract 150 mg; Softgels, brown, 5 oval,

Drug showing soft anti depressive action, administered in mood depression, discouragement, apathy and menopausal psychological problems. Improves mood, psychosomatic activity and restores willingness to work.


Valerian Root + Passionflower + Hop Strobile Extract
Valerian Root Extract 60mg Hop Strobile Extract 40mg Passionflower Extract 40mg; Softgels, grey-green, 5 oval,

Drug showing purgative action and having influence on motorial activity of colon. It is applied in constipation. It does not cause irritations of other parts of alimentary canal and becomes effective after 8-12 hours.


Vitamin A 12000 i.u.
Retinol palmitate 12 000 i.u.; Softgels, red, 2 oval,

Treatment of vitamin A deficiency and as adjuvant in various skin diseases like acne, ichtyosis, psoriasis etc.


Vitamin A+E
Retinol palmitate 12 000 or 30 000 i.u + Tocopherol acetate 70 mg; Softgels, natural, 2 oval,

Applied as adjuvant in geriatrics, ophthalmology (xerophtalmia, twilight blindness), atheromatosis, masculine sexual glands secretion disorders, menopausal disorders, epithelial keratosis.


Vitamin C
Acidum ascorbicum 200mg; Softgels, orange, 7,5 oval,

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is a water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant. It is needed to make collagen for muscles and blood vessels. It is important for wound healing and acts as a natural antihistamine. It helps in the formation of liver bile and helps the body to fight viruses.


Vitamin E natural 100 u.i.
D-αTocopherol acetate 100 u.i. ; Softgels, natural, transparent, 5 oval,

Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which protects cell membranes and other fat-soluble parts of the body. Studies suggest that supplementing with Vitamin E helps to prevent heart disease. Vitamin E appears to be the most effective supplement for slowing the progression of Alzheimer's Disease.


Vitamin E natural 400 u.i.
D-α Tocopherol acetate 400 u.i. ; Softgels, natural, transparent, 10 oval,

Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which protects cell membranes and other fat-soluble parts of the body. Studies suggest that supplementing with Vitamin E helps to prevent heart disease. Vitamin E appears to be the most effective supplement for slowing the progression of Alzheimer's Disease.


Vitamin E synthetic 100mg
DL-α Tocopherol acetate 100 mg; Softgels, light red, 2 oval,

Prophylactic appliance in vitamin E deficiency and supplementation of vitamin deficits.


Vitamin E synthetic 400mg
DL-α Tocopherol acetate 400 mg; Softgels, natural, 7,5 oval,

Drug applied in vitamin E deficiency treatment. Its action reduces the risk of atheromatic circulatory system diseases development. As antioxidant, vitamin E, facilitates free radicals elimination, decreasing their noxious effects. Favourises the immune system function and prevents the noeplastic diseases.


Vitaminum A 2500 i.u.
Retinol palmitate 2 500 i.u.; Softgels, light green, 2 oval,

Prophylactic appliance in prevention of vitamin A deficiency.


Wheat Germ Oil
Wheat germ oil 1000mg; Softgels, natural, transparent, 16 oblong,

Wheat germ oil is drawn from the heart of the finest wheat embryo by a refined cold pressing process. This process assures you that these capsules yield the essence of the golden wheat germ in its unrefined, undiluted state. The germ of wheat is the very life of the seed and a rich source of vitamin E, B Complex, plus protein factors. It protects the skin against free radicals and has a powerful antioxidant effect.

Sample API you can find in our products:

Acidum azelaicum
Acidum benzoicum
Acidum folicum
Acidum salicylicum
Allii cepae extractum fluidum
Althaeae radix
Aroma Fructus Ribis nigri
Bismuthi subgallas
Calcii dobesilas monohydricum
Chamomillae anthodium extractum
Chelidonii extractum fluid
Chondroitin sulfate
Chondroitini sulphas
Chromium polynicotinate
Ciclopiroxi olaminum
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
Clotrimazolum | 1g
Cocamidopropyl betaine
Cochineal red
Codeini phosph.
Conc. Fructus Ribis nigri
Cortex Salicis
Crataegi extractum fl.
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide
dl-alfa tocopherol acetate
d-alfa tocopherol
Dry ginseng extract
Dry pineapple extract
Echinaceae purpureae extr. spissum
Eucalypti oleum
Evening primrose seed oil
Extr. Echinaceae spiss.
Extractum fluidum
Fish oil [containing 18% of eicosapentaenic acid (EPA) and 12% of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)]
Frangulae cortex
Ginkgo bilobae extr.
Glucosamine sulfate
Herba Agrimoniae
Herba Bursae pastoris
Herba Hyperici
Herba Solidaginis
Hexyl cinnam-aldehyde
Hippocastani extr.
Horsetail Dry Extract
Hyperici herbae
Ibuprofenum 200 mg
Ibuprofenum 400 mg
Imidazolidynyl urea
Intractum Valerianae
Isoflavonoidium complexus
Ketotifeni fumaras
Lidocaini hydrochloridi
Lupuli strobuli
Magnesii oxydum
Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium lacticum
Menthae pip. oleum
Methyl hydroxybenzoate
Methylum salicylicum
Myrtilli fructus
Oil garlic extract
Oleum Caryophylli
Oleum Cedri
Oleum Cinnamoni
Oleum Citri limoni
Oleum Eucalypti
Oleum Jecoris aselli
Oleum Lavandulae
Oleum Melissae
Oleum Menthae
Oleum Pini
Oleum Terebinthini
Ononidis radix
Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride
Parfum Camelia sinensis
Passiflorae herbae
Paulliniae cupanae semin.extr.sicc.
PEG 120 Methyl glucose dioleate
Pini extractum fluid.
Plantaginis lanceolatae extr. fluidum
Polyvidonum Iodum
Propyl hydroxybenzoate
Pseudoephedrine HCL
Ptychopetali lig.extr.sicc.
Pumpkin seed oil
Quinoline yellow
Radix Valerianae
Retinoli palmitas (retinol palmitate)
Ribis fructus aroma
Rosmarini oleum
Salviae folium
Schisandrae fruct.
Sennae folium
Serenoae repens fructus
Shark liver oil (contains about 20% of alkylglycerol)
Silicon dioxide colloidal
Solidaginis herba
Sorbitolum 70%
Soybean oil
Tetryzoline hydrochloride
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Thymi extr. sicc.
Tinctura Humuli lupuli
Tinctura Passiflorae
Triprolidine HCL
Valerianae radix
Verbasci extractum fluid.
Vitamin B6
Vitaminum A
Vitaminum B6
Vitaminum D3
Vitaminum E
Vitis ideae folium
Wiki composition R6199
Zinc gluconate
Zinci monomethioninae
Zinci oxydum

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General Info
Taj Pharmaceuticals is a company with solely Polish capital, it has a status of joint stock company with shares owned mainly by its founder, Stanisław Han. Well established on domestic market, it ranks in top 10 suppliers of OTC products as well as top 10 Food Supplements suppliers on Polish market. In view of market domination of multinational companies, it is considered one of the biggest independent drug suppliers in Poland. The company employs 350 people in its headquarters and another 150 in daughter company called Taj Pharmaceuticals Distribution. The headquarters comprise of production facility, laboratories and QC, technology related departments, R&D team, administration, marketing and business development, sourcing and purchasing department. Taj Pharmaceuticals Distribution, located nearby the headquarters, is responsible for domestic sales, domestic sales force, warehousing and logistics.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is a dynamically expanding Polish pharmaceutical company. Since 1984 its mission has been the production of pharmaceuticals of the highest quality which effectively fulfil patients health requirements. In 1999 Taj Pharmaceuticals invested in its first modern encapsulating line, more were to follow in the following years; in 2000 it was granted the GMP certification; in 2001 the company ranked second in Poland for the number of newly registered pharmaceutical products. The year 2002 witnessed the start up of tabletting and suppository production lines, and in 2003 a new office building was commissioned. 2004 was the year of conversion of the company into a joint stock company as well as GLP and ISO 14001 certifications. New 33000m3 warehouse is an intelligent building operating according to GDP rules. The construction of the warehouse was the biggest investment of 2005 and it significantly increased Taj Pharmaceuticals’s storage space. In the coming years further development of the company is expected.

Taj Pharmaceuticals has at its disposal a well-developed distribution network for its own products. The company has a team of sales and medical representatives cooperating with wholesalers, pharmacists and doctors inPoland . Beside dynamically developing domestic sales, Taj Pharmaceuticals also conducts export sales of own branded products as well as the preparations made for private label of foreign customers. The main sales foreign markets are: Central Europe (31%), Scandinavia (26%), Western Europe (20%), Eastern Europe (16%). Taj Pharmaceuticals dispatches its products to more than 25 countries.

Located in the south west of Poland in the city of Wroclaw, Taj Pharmaceuticals welcomes site visits as well as Quality Audits. Frequent flights from    Dortmund, Dublin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Munich, Nottingham, Shannon and Warsaw make the journey easy and comfortable. Direct trains provide connection to Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine. Business meetings can also be held in our Warsaw Trade Office. The manufacturing site has a convenient link to three Polish sea ports - Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin from where we can ship our products to almost any destination.

Regd. Office

Address :
434, Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi
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Link Road, Andheri (W),
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soft gelatin capsules, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, nutraceutical food supplement, softgels encapsulator, soft gelatin contract manufacturer