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Self Employment scheme For Indian citizens-:

Guideline For The investors.

1) The company introduces any investors in its Board of Directors through interview & the main criteria for selection are their financial status & experience.
2) The investors have to deposit minimum of RS. 2500000/- to 5000000/- (Twenty five to fifty Lacs) in the company. The company will send the investors in the selected distinguish country to perform the Business.
3) The company will bear all the Expenses such as traveling, ticketing, & accommodations of investors in their respective countries.
4) The company will issue share certificate to the investors on their invested money.
They have to establish our companies Branch office, required infrastructure, & godown within one month.
5) The company will send medicines worth upto Rs 1,00,00,000 (one crore) to the investors in their respective countries on the Invested amount.
6) The applicants/ investors have to develop their own marketing strategies to boost the business in their respective countries. The company may provide consultancy if they ask so for the development of marketing and selling strategies.
7) The responsibility of the company is to provide all the details of the distinguish country to the applicants, those were selected by the company.
8) The company will provide 50% from the net profit of the business of that country to the applicants/ investors, another 50% net profit will remain with the company.

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