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    Tattoo Removal
    For people who now regret having a tattoo, there are a number of techniques available, including laser technology. Many types of tattoo respond to laser treatment, but when you attend a consultation, you will be informed about the different types of treatment available, and of the chances of successfully removing the whole tattoo, as this will depend upon the intricacy of the tattoo and the colours used.

    The laser is directed precisely at those skin cells that contain the tattoo pigment. The beam is powerful enough to fragment those cells, breaking up the bead of dye into particles small enough to be dealt with by the body‚s own defence mechanisms, through a series of natural processes.

    The lasers used are precise, and exposure to the beam short. This means that only the tattooed cells are affected, and the surrounding tissue is not touched. This means there is no permanent scarring.

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