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    Hernia repair under local anaesthetic
    Men and women of all ages can suffer from a hernia. The hernia develops from a weakness in the abdominal wall, and appears as a lump when standing, or following coughing or straining. Although the hernia may not be painful, it may require treatment, as it may get bigger over time, and become more problematical.

    Hernias can be repaired under local anaesthetic using tension free mesh repair. The advantages of this treatment are:

    • The treatment is carried out in the out-patient department minimising the stay in hospital.
    • Patients with heart or chest problems who are not suitable for general anaesthetic can have their hernia repaired.
    • There is a more rapid return to normal activities.
    • The probability of the hernia recurring is reduced.
    • There is no upper age limit for this operation.

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