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Did You Know >> Alcohol quiz >> Answers
Alcohol quiz




1) What are the Government's recommended daily alcohol limits for men and women in the UK?

1. 1 unit for women, 2 for men
2. 1-2 units for women, 3-4 for men
3. 2-3 units for women, 3-4 for men
4. 4 units for men and women



The right answer is C.

Even if you only drink alcohol once a week, it is best not to exceed these limits, as binge drinking increases the likelihood of you having an accident or acting in a way that you later regret - as well as having potential long term health consequences.



2) On average, how quickly does the body process and break down one unit of alcohol?

1. half an hour
2. one hour
3. two hours
4. three hours



The right answer is B.

Although your body's ability to process alcohol depends on various factors including your sex, size and age the body generally breaks down alcohol at a rate of about one unit per hour. What's more there's no way you can reduce this time.



3) According to recent research, which of the following nations has the highest rate of binge-drinking among men?

1. UK
2. Finland
3. Italy
4. France



The right answer is A.

As a proportion of occasions when people drink alcohol, UK drinkers binge drink on more than 25 per cent more occasions than drinkers in Finland, and on over three and four times as many occasions as drinkers in Italy and France respectively.



4) Which of the following can be factors in a hangover headache?

1. dehydration
2. malnutrition
3. dilated blood vessels
4. all of the above



The right answer is D.

All the factors may be involved in a throbbing hangover headache. Alcohol's diuretic effect can leave you dehydrated and low in valuable vitamins and minerals. Alcohol may also cause the blood vessels in your head to dilate, which may also contribute to your headache.




5) Is it true that drinking alcohol can be good for your heart?

1. no - it doesn't benefit the heart at all
2. no - in fact, drinking any alcohol increases your risk of heart disease
3. yes - alcohol consumption helps to protect all of us from heart disease
4. yes - moderate alcohol consumption does protect people from heart disease, but only for men over 40, and women who have gone through the menopause



The accurate answer is D.

Medical studies show that moderate drinking of between 1 and 2 units of alcohol a day has a protective effect on the heart in men aged over 40 and in women who have gone through the menopause, but not for other groups of people. However, drinking more heavily can contribute to some heart disorders, such as stroke and high blood pressure.



6) How many calories does alcohol provide per gram? (tip: carbohydrates give about 4kcal per gram, and fat gives 9kcal)

1. it doesn't give any energy at all
2. about 3kcal
3. about 5kcal
4. about 7kcal



The right answer is D.

Alcohol is surprisingly high in calories - a unit of around 8 grams provides 56kcal - and a recent survey found that among men and women who drink alcohol in the UK, alcohol contributed on average 8.1% and 5.7% of their total energy intake.



7) According to Government statistics, which age-group are most likely to drink heavily - more than eight units a day for men or six units for women?

1. 11-15 year olds
2. 16-24 year olds
3. 36-44 year olds
4. 65 and over


The right answer is B.

Sixteen to 24 year olds are particularly prone to drinking too much alcohol (32% of men and 24% of women).



8) How many units of alcohol are in two big pub glasses (250ml) of a typical chardonnay?

1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 6



The right answer is D - 6 units.

People often think of a glass of wine being only one unit, but that measurement was based on small, 125ml glasses of weaker (around 8-9 percent abv) wine. These days, glasses of wine are larger and the wine itself tends to be stronger (around 12-14 per cent abv).



9) How many units of alcohol are in three pints of strong lager?

1. 3 units
2. 6 units
3. 9 units
4. 12 units



The right answer is C - 9 units.

Beers tend to be stronger than in the past and an estimate of one unit of alcohol per half a pint is no longer a good guide. With recommended daily limits for men at 3-4 units a day, it is very easy to drink more than recommended.



10) Drinking too much alcohol may increase the likelihood of which of these diseases?

1. liver cirrhosis
2. cancer
3. fertility problems
4. all of the above



The right answer is D.

Long term heavy drinking can contribute to a very wide range of illnesses, which is why it is important for your health to stick within the government's safe daily drinking limits.
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