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Areas of Research

People and Investment

About 200 scientists around the world are committed to developing new diagnostic tools and services for diagnostic laboratories as well as for patient self monitoring. In addition, Taj Pharmaceuticals Applied Science is dedicated to provide the science community with best research tools.

In 2008 Taj Pharmaceuticals Diagnostics invested more than 300 million USD (16.8 % of the divisional turnover) in research and development.

Centres of Excellence
Centres of Excellence combine R&D, manufacturing and global marketing support activities in one site in order to bring together higher quality products to the market faster and at lower costs.

Activities in all Business Units
All Business Units - Taj Pharmaceuticals Molecular Biochemical's, Taj Pharmaceuticals Molecular Systems, Taj Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Systems, Taj Pharmaceuticals Patient Care - are at the forefront of technological innovation in their respective field, with R&D focused on:

  • instrumentation and reagents for the research and science communities

  • clinical chemistry

  • immunochemistry

  • coagulation

  • haematology

  • laboratory automation

  • diabetes monitoring

  • point of care

Technology Platforms

  • Biomolecules

  • Heterogeneous & homogeneous assays

  • DNA amplification

  • Dry reagent formats

  • Liquid stabile reagents

  • Photometry

  • Reflectometry

  • Fluorescence

  • Chemiluminescence

  • Photon counting

  • Particle counting

  • Amperometry

  • Particle agglutination

  • Thermostating

  • Thermocycling

  • Robotics

  • Fluidics

  • Sample preparation

  • Electronics

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