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Taj Pharma city
(A division of Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)


Name of the Establishment: Taj Pharmacity (A division of Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd., is glad to announce that we are establishing a mega project at Palghar (Tarapur) District: Thane, Maharashtra.

Overview of the Project:

This is the most glorious moment of our company as we are establishing first ever Pharma city (a division of Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) in the whole world that will consists all the manufacturing facilities within the same campus. Our company has felt that most of the pharmaceuticals companies in India dissipate lot of time in outsourcing different types of products from the different manufactures of India, and so far there are no facilities in world available where you can manufacture most the products within the same campus.
Our company’s Mega Project is approved by FDA USA/ MHRA/TGA/ MCC/NIP/PIC /WHO/ANVISA and as per the criteria of scheduled ‘M’ introduced by the government of India.

The Indian pharmaceutical sector has come a long way, from being almost non existence during the 1970s to a prominent provider of health care products, meeting almost 90 per cent of country’s pharmaceutical needs today. The domestic pharmaceutical output has increased at a CAGR of 14.11 per cent per annum in the last ten years.
The total Indian market at present is valued at about US$6.4 billion and is expected to grow to US$25 billion by 210.

So, this Prominent Industry will be sure going to prove golden swan of the Indian economy.

Silent features of Taj Pharmacity:

a) That, it will consists World class Tablet Manufacturing plant/ Capsule Manufacturing Plant/ Soft Gelleting Plant/Cosmetic Plant/ Injection Plant/Bio Technology Park etc. and These Plants will offer facilities for manufacturing almost every range of medicines within the same roof. So, that will save the additional costs of the transportation as well as harassment of the marketing company as we will avail above mentioned products portfolio within the same campus in resulting more efficiency of the company’s products and their qualities.
b) That, you may manufacture your company’s product for the domestic as well as international market as per your packing, quantity and quality Preference.

Supplementary Benefits:

a) That, Taj Pharmacity will organize monthly trade fair within its campus where retailers/stockiest/Marketer etc. can buy consignments of medicines on manufacturing cost. (Conditions Apply)

b) That, Taj Pharmacity monthly trade offers is not liable for those stockists /retailers/Marketers who are already associated with Taj Pharmaceuticals.

c) That, Taj Pharmacity will install world class library which will have numerous books for its visitors and staff where they can gain more knowledge about Pharma world.

d) That, we will have a special surveillance cell where you can check the status of your products manufacturing order which you have placed with us round the clock.

e) That, we will have a ‘Guest House’ with all the modern amenities which will suits both the Indian as well as foreign associates of our company and stockiest/marketer etc. and you may book that place in advance before visiting the Taj Pharmacity to ensure the availability of place. All the expenses such as food, traveling etc. will be bear by the company.

f) That, we will avail all the technical help and modern technology to those companies who wish to excel or set up manufacturing units in very limited resources where its financial or infrastructure development and with the help of our technology they will able to attain highest growth in manufacturing and marketing with their own limited resources.

R & D Department:

Our company will have all the modern equipments with world class lab as per the norms of latest scientific guidelines.
We will avail various sponsorships, scholarships to the researcher those who wish to excel R & D in Pharmaceuticals Industry.
We will offer lower cost of R & D Facilities to companies round the globe those who want to pursue their products R &D in our lab.

Doctor’s Corner:

a) That, our company will offer financial help/sponsorships to those doctors who want to excel in R & D department of Pharma Industry.

b) That, our company is also availing loans to the doctors for their Homes/Hospitals/Nursing Homes etc. for further details of this scheme you may visit our website: www.tajfordoctors.com , and you download form from the website and send to us.

Financials: The total worth of this project will be round about150 crores.

Valuations of Taj Pharmacity:
Pharma is right now one of the most happening sectors in the economy. The domestic players are competing fiercely with the foreign players. The opportunity is huge and domestic players are gearing up for it.
The results will come with time.

For further details regarding this project you may call in our office.

‘Taj Pharmacity: A vision that will change the Pharma Market forever.’



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