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Dr. Dentist TM Dental care products Dr Dentist ® Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited


Sorbitol and/or Glycerine, Silica, SLS, PEG, Gum Binder, Food Colour & Flavour.

Dr. Dentist TM


Anti cavity Fluoride Formula fights bad breath and acids that causes cavities by strengthening teeth enamel leaving your teeth strong. Its unique menthol mouthwash gives a freshness that you can feel in your nose and throat.



The effect of interactions of sorbitol with ribonuclease A (RNase A) and the resulting stabilization of structure was examined in parallel thermal unfolding and preferential binding studies with the application of multicomponent thermodynamic theory. The protein was stabilized by sorbitol both at pH 2.0 and pH 5.5 as the transition temperature, T(m), was increased. The main effect of glycerol itself results from its dehydrating activity. For example, oral glycerol can increase serum osmalility

It works by blocking the active site of the enoyl –acyl carrier protein reductase enzyme which is an essential enzyme in fatty acid synthesis in bacteria.



Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Children under 7 should use a pea size amount and under supervised brushing to minimize swallowing.

Presentations:    100 gm

                                  MRP          Retailer           Stockist

                                 45.00           36.00                32.40

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Dr Dentist ® Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited


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