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Chyawanprash Special


Amla, Aswagandha, Hareetaki, Dashmul, Ghrit and several other herbs.


Chyawanprash healthier life begins :
Derived from 2500 year old Ayurvedi formula. Totally chemical-free, natural and safe. Powerful combination of herbs and plant extracts in a base of Amla fruit pulp. Refined by Taj to provide traditional goodness with best quality. Reinforces the immune system & helps flight disease. Trusted health provider of a majority of Indian households.



Amla Fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Pectin. Tannins present in it retard the oxidation of Vitamin C. It is well known fact that pectin decreases Serum Cholesterol in human beings. It inhibits Platelets aggregation and lowers cholesterol levels. It is a tonic, has a haematinic and lipalytic function useful in Scurvy and Jaundice, prevents Indigestion and controls acidity as well as itís a natural source of anti-ageing. It is one of the supplement used in hyperacidity and Liver disorders. It stops premature greying or hair-loss, encourages nail and hair growth, improves eye-sight, cleanses the mouth, nourishes the teeth, bones. Cleanses the intestine and regulates blood sugar.

Usage :
Chyawanprash Special has tangy sweet-sour tasted and the consistency of jam. It can be taken directly or in milk and as bread spread. In all cases its therapeutic properties have proven to remain stable and active.

Dose : 1-2 teaspoonful.

Presentations:                 MRP          Retailer        Stockist

             250 gms           53.00            42.40             38.16

             500 gms           97.00            77.60             69.84
                      1 kg        169.00         135.20            121.68nbsp; 121.68

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