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ctivital is a comprehensive daily food supplement that has a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and ginseng. Ginseng is a herbal extract, commonly used to added energy and well being. Activital’s balanced combination rejuvenates and strengthens body organs and help maintain good health. The dosage of essential nutrients including vitamins B1, B12  , and Zinc , minerals and other trace elements cover the daily requirements of an individual.


Each capsules contain approximately: 

Each 2gm  Contains:-
Dextrose  ......................17.5mg

Sucrose   ........................ 14mg
Zinc Sulphate ............... 32.5mg
Vitamin C   ......................50mg
Vitamin B1  .................... 2.5mg
Vitamin B12 ................... 2.5mg
Dl-methionine ................. 50mg

How can Activital help you?
With the help of ginseng, vitamins and minerals, Activital increases the utilization of oxygen in your body to the normal levels. As a result, you won’t experience the condition that are tipical  to tiredness, weakness and fatigue. You will, in fact, feel sharp and active all day long. Ginseng has been actively researched in various parts of the world where it is taken as food supplement for improving the vitality of systems in the body.

Activital has manifold benefits :

• It increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue and helping oxygen transport to tissue (for producing energy) during physical exertion.
• It improves endurance, tolerance and compatibility during stressful states.
• It improves performance in activities which require skill, coordination, concentration, learning and memory.
• It replenishes vitamins and minerals (essential constituents of a balanced diet) and helps maintain good health.

What is the recommended dose of Activital?
Just one capsule a Day.

The intake should be at the most 2 capsules a day. Activital is completely safe and can be consumed daily. It can be consumed for 2-3 months at a stretch and can ones again be started after 15-20 days.

How should Activital be taken?
Activital can be taken after the meals any time during the day but preferably should be taken after breakfast. Incase you find it difficult to swallow the capsule with a liquid, you may cut it open, press the contents on the spoon and mix a little jam or honey before taking it. Activital can be taken by both male and females over 12 years of age. Activital is suitable for diabetics as it does not contain sugar.

What are the possible side effects with Activital?
Activital is very well tolerated by all adults in recommended doses. If Activital is taken on an empty stomach, rare side effects such as indigestion, heartburn or nausea might occur.

When should you not take Activital?
Activital is not indicated for treatment of any specific vitamin or mineral deficiency as well as during pregnancy and lactation. Individuals who are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of Activital should not take it.

How should you store Activital?
Activital should be stored below 25 degree centigrade and protected from light and moisture.

Activital                              Blister pack of 10 capsules

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